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Spotlight on DSP Engineer Mauro

DSP Engineer with a passion for maths and electronics

"Every day I do my best to develop the technology that will improve the interaction of people with hearing loss, preventing them from isolation caused by lack of communication and hopefully allow them to have a happier life"

Q: Mauro, what inspires you in digital signal processing?
I am currently working on unique electronic medical devices that give people with hearing losses the possibility to hear and be heard, filling the gap caused by injuries, diseases or aging-related issues. My love for mathematics and low-level programming is perfectly matched with digital signal processing, and my knowledge for audio signals, electronics and laboratory equipment play an important role. But it's actually the will to help people with hearing loss that inspires me every day to find newer and better solutions.

Q: What do you like about working at VeroTech?
Thanks to VeroTech I was in the position to relocate to Belgium and to start working in a very engaging environment. The support provided by VeroTech before and during my transfer was impecable. They helped me find a nice apartment close to my workplace and made the whole relocation process stressless. I like the relationship with the management, which is very open and transparent and the activities that are organized, enabling me to have contacts with my colleague consultants on a regular base.

Q: What is your current project about? Tell us more about the use and impact of the application.
The team where I am currently working is developing a breakthrough subcutaneous electronic implant for people with conductive hearing losses. It is a complex device that includes several branches of science and technology, from medicine to mechanical engineering to informatics. The device is implanted through surgery and it is powered by an external sound processor. The sound processor is also in charge of capturing and optimizing the sound in order to give to the recipient the best understanding, especially of voice.

Q: In your opinion, what stands out about VeroTech as employer? 
As I mentioned before, VeroTech goes beyond to search for a satisfying position for its employees, not only relatively to the job but also to life in general. I like the training opportunities that are offered and also the nice social activities and dinners that have been organized. VeroTech has a company culture where openness, close relationships and caring for each other are very important.  And that culture is reflected to our customers, who are very confident about VeroTech consultants.

Q: How does your typical work day look like?
I am in charge of developing significant parts of the firmware for the next generation of devices and to support the software team for everything related to firmware. The most important tasks of my job are writing code for the device and scripts for testing each unit of code. I also use MATLAB sometimes to develop audio processing strategies and I use several laboratory equipment too, mainly to conduct systems tests on the firmware. I am also in charge of documenting the processing blocks and supporting the other engineer and manager in the process of verification and validation.
I normally wake up early to be in the office before traffic. In the office I either stay at my desk or in the laboratory, which is a sound-isolated room full of equipment. Around lunchtime either I meet with colleagues or I go to the gym. When I manage to get out from work early and the weather is nice, I like to go running otherwise I mainly do errands. In the evening I rarely stay home, usually I see friends or I do activities to improve my Dutch, such as a language course or a tandem.

Q: Tell us something about your hobbies?
I have many hobbies: I am a scout since childhood and since several years a scoput leader. I found an international scout group in Brussels and started participating at their activities. I am a quite active person and I go running usually twice a week, during the summer sometimes even early in the morning before work, at 5:30 AM. I like to play the guitar and I like music in general. I also like to prepare cocktails for my friends when they come over for dinner. In my free time I love making home-made pizza and other Italian specialties. However my best hobby is to lie on the couch cuddling my cats.

Q: Name 5 keywords that are important to you?
People, nature, music, sport and future

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