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Triggered by building useful things and solving real-life problems

"Within my former project in a designing and manufacturing environment of multiservice access routers and Ethernet access devices, my role was to bring a developer mindset and skills to the testing team"


Q: Pierre, what inspires you in software engineering?

Autonomous systems and embedded operating systems are a fascinating aspect of computer systems. I believe that this field will yield some of the most innovating solutions to real-life problems in the coming years. After finishing my studies in computing & systems, I decided to work in a field where my work would end up solving concrete, real problems in more efficient ways than before.

Q: What do you like about working at VeroTech?

Through VeroTech I have access to a broad network of high-tech companies. This naturally opens up possibilities, and I can concentrate on my work 100% while knowing that someone has my back, paving the road for the next challenge.

Q: In your opinion, what stands out about VeroTech as employer?

What I like most, is that VeroTech offers me the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging projects, this way gathering experience and growing my career. I truly feel part of a strong community of engineers driven by innovation. The getting together of the consultants and the meetings or trainings that are organised by VeroTech on a regular basis, create a real sense of community.

Q: Tell us something about your hobbies?

I like tinkering, building things and brewing beer. I love hiking and I’ve recently also come to enjoy gardening a lot. The sense of fulfilment that comes from seeing a project take shape, an idea become reality, or even a seedling growing is simply terrific.

Q: Name 5 keywords that are important to you?

 Project - Values - Empathy - Commitment - Joie de vivre

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