Software engineer Wouter

Meet ... software engineer Wouter

Triggered by machine vision technology

"I'm working on breakthrough technology for next-generation industrial inspection, medical diagnosis and security applications. It feels super to deploy my expertise for the development of future cancer detection technology"

Q: Wouter, what inspires you in software engineering?

Besides my studies in theoretical physics I've always been busy tinkering with software, electronics and other DIY. Personally I find it really important to retrieve these aspects in my job: engineering a solid concept and using creativity to tackle the challenges therein. This is how I got into machine vision as in this field, besides software engineering, you also need to design the hardware and setup.

Q: What do you like about working at VeroTech?

Through VeroTech I've found the opportunity to work in the hyperspectral images team at an international renowned research centre. As a member of this team I help drawing the roadmap for the software development, give training and advice to the customers to integrate the technology in their products, and support my colleagues with operational tasks. I really value the experience I gain working here and that I can take part in transferring a new technology from R&D to a commercial product.

Q: What is your current project about? Tell us more about the use and impact of the application.

I'm currently active as a field application engineer in a hyperspectral imagers team. As a field application engineer I provide support and training to the customers of the international research centre I am working for, and help them to create their application based on their hyperspectral technology. The group's technology turns a regular image sensor into a hyperspectral sensor by patterning narrow band filters on top of the existing sensor. This enables building very compact, high-speed and mass producible hyperspectral imaging devices, which is in sharp contrast with current alternatives and opens doors for a torrent of new applications. For this reason our customers are active in very different sectors, such as life sciences, automotive, agriculture and machine vision, which makes this project extremely varied and interesting.

Q: In your opinion, what stands out about VeroTech as employer?

What pleases me about VeroTech is their personal approach and appreciation for their consultants. This is reflected in several aspects, such as matching a consultant with a project and customer, the training opportunities to develop your skills, the project follow up, the variety of events and parties, etc.

Q: How does your typical work day look like?

Most important things go first: I start by charging my french press! Then with my fresh coffee at hand I start reviewing the emails that came in overnight to check if there are no urgent calls for support. Given that our customers are located all over the world setting up a telco requires some planning. From there on I fill the day by improving our evaluation software, tinkering with our demo systems, automating operational processes, preparing field trips, etc

Q: Tell us something about your hobbies?

My passion is creating things. In my spare time, I always have multiple projects going on, ranging from furniture design to electronics. Currently I'm collaborating with my VeroTech colleagues to create a two-wheeled inverse pendulum robot. I'm also active in Area3001 at the Leuven FabLab, which is a group of makers that come together once a week to ... make things. For instance remote controllable LED panels, wireless sensor networks, 3D printed stuff, etc. Besides these I'm also very fond of climbing, hiking and winter sports.

Q: Name 5 keywords that are important to you?

Friends - creativity - fun - freedom - excellence

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