Project manager Edelhart

Meet ... Project Manager Edelhart

Project manager with a history in product development

"Throughout my career I have been working in product development. First as designer or developer, later as project manager. I have built my expertise in both the conceptual development as the release phase of very diverse projects. As senior consultant I have now evolved to advising positions where my big strength lies in contributing to enhance the quality of product development processes."

Q: Edelhart, what do you like about working at VeroTech?

As VeroTech consultant, I have the opportunity to work for multinationals and market leading companies. It’s in the core of these companies that new technologies are being integrated or emerge. it gives me great satisfaction to be part of these R&D projects. Doing projects in a variety of different domains prevents from routine and keeps the continuous learner in me alert.

Q: What is your project about? Tell us more about the use and impact of the application.

I’m a senior mechanical engineer working for a supplier in the pharmaceutical industries. This supplier is part of a multinational group with worldwide facilities in process, food and pharma industries. I’m responsible for the layout and the mechanical engineering of continuous tablet lines.
In my role I advise customers on the final outcome of the deliverables, I organize the engineering work that needs to be done and I instruct and supervise some colleague engineers on the workload in the specific projects. I also help in enhancing the work process so that the job can be done in the most effective way. 

Q: In your opinion, what stands out about VeroTech as employer?

When you join VeroTech you receive a warm welcome. The approach and atmosphere are very familiar. VeroTech is well organized and strives for the best match between consultant and project, always starting from the consultants’ expectation and ambitions. Besides the professional part there’s lots of room for trainings and fun events. These social events are very important to get to know the VeroTech-colleagues and to allow for knowledge sharing.

Q: How does your typical work day look like?

First thing is starting up the computer and opening my mail box. Handling my e-mails happens 3 times a day, in the morning at the start of the working day, at noon just before and after lunch and at the end of the day. These are just some basic time management principles to prevent me from answering e-mails throughout the day. The intermediate time is used for meetings, writing reports, planning and organizing tasks or to properly do the work that is scheduled. That doesn’t mean that I lock myself up. On the contrary, I love to be surrounded by colleagues and anyone can come along to ask me questions.

Q: Tell us something about your hobbies?

With 3 children, family life consumes a lot of my spare time. In the weekends I try to fit in some 'active' moments such as jogging, biking or swimming. As sports spectator I’m very fond of cycling races and I don’t miss much of the ‘classics’ on TV. As a family we love to travel and try to leave as much as we can. Then we go hiking or do ‘accrobranches’. But my favorite hobby is listening to music. Turning on the radio and surrounding myself with music always turns a smile on my face.

Q: Name 5 keywords that are important to you?

Respect - responsibility - open spirit - enjoy life - quality

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