Career path

Improving during assignments and outside of assignments

Becoming a VeroTech consultant means developing acknowledged expertise, by working on various assignments in different sectors and by personal training. It also means playing an active role in the development of the company.

Each consultant develops her career in one of the following directions: Technical expertise, Project/Team Management & Business Management.

  • Technical expertise: developing your skills to become a recognized expert in your field of play
  • Project/Team management: developing your skills to be able to manage projects or coach a team
  • Business Management: developing a mix of skills to be able to create and manage your own business unit

The VeroTech career path, from consultant to senior manager, has different levels which represent increasing levels of responsibility. To move from one level to another it is essential that you have reached a necessary level of maturity in these three areas: consulting skills, professional expertise and results delivered.

A dedicated career manager accompanies you in your progression. She is your career coach. She advices and assesses you during your assignments. This regular interaction with your manager makes it possible to build your personal training plan which will enhance your professional expertise and consulting skills. The career manager also helps to determine which projects are the best match with the skills that you would like to develop.

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