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VeroTech also in 2017 nominated for Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50

VeroTech has once more been nominated for Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 50 competition for technology companies headquartered in Belgium. The Fast 50 award is given to the country’s fastest-growing technology company, based on its percentage of growth in turnover during the last four years.

We are proud to be nominated second year in a row. It shows that we are a very healthy company and are year after year succeeding in meeting our ambitions. This year's nomination is a recognition of our continuous growth which is based on the dedicated services of our consultants and our customers confidence in our company.

VeroTech opens office in Ghent

To accommodate our fast growth in the East and West Flanders region, VeroTech acquired extra office space in Ghent.
Our office is located on the 9th floor of the Zuiderpoort Office complex.

The Ghent office enables meetings with our regional customers and consultants and interviews with candidate consultants for projects in the Flanders region.
Additionally, it provides office space for our regional Business Managers.

The address of our Ghent office is:
Gaston Crommenlaan 4 
9050 Ghent

Bram De Landtsheer joined VeroTech as Business Manager

Bram De Landtsheer joined VeroTech as Business Manager for the East and West Flanders region.

Bram has a background in biochemistry and business management. He started his career as account manager, soon moving into sales positions.
Bram will focus on VeroTech's customers located in the Flanders region.  His main homebase will be the new VeroTech office in Gent. 

We welcome Bram in our engineering community!

Senior Manager Wim De Wilde joins VeroTech

To achieve our ambitions for the coming years, Wim De Wilde joined VeroTech as Senior Manager.
As a member of the VeroTech management team, he will be responsible for the further development of our organization.

Wim has an extensive background in business management. Over the years, he evolved from consultant, project manager and business development manager to member of the board and partner.

We are confident that he is the perfect addition to our team and that together with him VeroTech will establish a continuous growth path over the coming years.
We welcome Wim in our engineering community!

Peer-to-peer training

At VeroTech, continuous training and development is a very important element in the career path of our engineers. New consultants benefit a great deal from the experience and knowledge of those who have been inside the business for a while. Without any doubt, peers can be an excellent resource for support and company or project related knowledge.

To show that age difference certainly is no barrier for knowledge transfer, the above picture features our youngest Junior Consultant (25 years old) in a learning moment with our most Senior Consultant (64 years old). Or where youth and experience find each other :-). We are proud of our community where consultants are open to sharing their know-how in the interest of our customers.

VeroTech enters the Deloitte Technology Fast50 ranking

"Being nominated in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 ranking as one of the fastest-growing technology companies headquartered in Belgium is an acknowledgement for our innovation and entrepreneurship and the dedication of our entire team", Veronique Van de Kerckhove, Managing Director of VeroTech proudly explains.

"Since our start in 2010, our entrepreneurial focus, the continuous innovation of our services and growing trust of our customers has translated in the swift growth of our company and a substantial growth of revenue. We thank our customers for their confidence in our services and our consultants and internal team for their dedication. Our ranking in the Fast50-list is a confirmation that they are part of a healthy and growing company with a clear vision. We are confident to rank even higher in 2017!"

The Deloitte Fast 50 is an annual competition for the fifty fastest growing and innovative technology companies. For more info:

Celebrating summer with a BBQ

Last week, we all gathered for our one and only Summer BBQ. Cloudy sky and a rainy evening? We couldn't care less. For every problem there's a solution and when our consultants meet, it means FUN, rain or sunshine.... It was the perfect time to catch up with each other, have a laugh and raise a drink to cheer VeroTech and our vivid community. A great way to start the summer!

Our learning & development program in action

VeroTech consultants take the course of their career in own hands by grabbing each opportunity to learn and develop on the way. Yesterday's training, fostering best-practice and experience-sharing in project management, will enable them to put their newly acquired PM skills to use across their projects and assignments. Both a win-win for our consultants and our customers :-).

Introducing our LinkedIn career page

Hurry to our LinkedIn career page...

It's a great way of getting acquainted with the VeroTech community, our open culture, direct communication and close relationships.

'Virtually' meet some of our consultants and have a feel of what it means to be a VeroTech engineer!

> Take a tour on our career page

The Experience game @ Brussels

It was all about finding our inner Cherlock Holmes ...

Participating in a life escape game and solving a unique mystery was the challenge. With 19 consultants we were locked in 4 experience rooms, playing the part of famous detectives while the clock was ticking. Some of us used their math skills, others focused on the rebuses and yet others cheered and encouraged the team. In the end we all found our escape and had a nice Italian dinner to celebrate our victory.

VeroTech present at the IEEE Jobfair in Ghent

Master student / Phd in Engineering? Meet VeroTech at the IEEE Jobfair in Ghent this afternoon!

Have a first talk with our Senior Recruiter and meet VeroTech consultant Laurenz. Learn more about our R&D project opportunities in the aerospace, medical devices, automotive, telecom, semiconductor and space sector.
Get acquainted with the VeroTech community, our open culture, direct communication and close relationships.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Our New Year Dinner Party was a true success!

Saturday February 6th, 2016

In accordance with tradition, we started the month of February with our yearly 'New Year Dinner Party'. Expectations grew in the weeks prior to the party night, as our consultants tried to figure out this year's theme. And expectations were met at the night itself with a very nice dinner and a fantastic acoustic band and DJ bringing some groove into the night.

In line with the 'diamonds' theme and under the supervision of four diamond merchants, we all became connoisseurs, learning to evaluate real diamonds on color, cut, clarity and carat. This will definitely pay off at our next visit to the jewelry store :-).

To summarise: it was a very entertaining night where we could all catch up and feel part of a vibrant and growing VeroTech community!

VeroTech consultant Jan Paesmans speaker at DSP Valley's Smart Systems Industry Summit

Senior Consultant Jan Paesmans has been invited as speaker to DSP Valley's Smart Systems Industry Summit (SSIS 2015).

The SSIS conference offers 6 tracks and over 32 speakers within the field of Smart Electronic Systems. As first speaker withiin the track 'Smart Home / Smart Cities', Jan Paesmans' presentation will focus on today and tomorrow’s challenges of embedded software for the IoT. He will elaborate on new Asynchronous Event-driven Message-based technologies (IPv6, WLAN, etc.) which allow your smart devices to stay connected tomorrow.

SSIS 2015 will take place on Tuesday 20 October 2015 in Mechelen.

> Go to the presentation summary

VeroTech starts 2016 with positive vibes!

During the first 2 weeks of January, 4 new consultants joined our team. We welcome Paul, Vasileios, Maarten and Ruben into our community. As VeroTech consultants, they will contribute their potential to the fullest, working towards challenging innovative products and applications at our customers' side.

We are confident that many new colleagues will follow them in the coming months. We wish them lots of success in their aim to build and even steer our customers' future applications.

Tune in on our 3' VeroTech story, featured within the Kanaal Z-Smart Systems series on September 9th.

Tapas + beer-tasting + good company = a true VeroTech community activity!

Our tapas and beer-tasting @ Leuven turned out to be a very entertaining night out.  VeroTech engineers know how to have fun after a hard day's work.

Working hard to keep track of the deadlines for our VeroBot

Check out the status of our VeroBot on the Facebook page:

A lot is happening at the moment: testing the app interface, script building, choices with respect to the motor gearbox, power supply and batteries.

Support the team by liking our Facebook page and leaving comments!

VeroTech consultants join forces to create a two-wheeled self-balancing inversed pendulum robot. Follow them on Facebook!

Or how electronics, mechanics, mechatronics and software expertise match FUN, DRIVE and CREATIVITY!

The timeline is to say the least challenging…. The goal: having the robot operational by September 2015.
Follow our Facebook page and see for yourself how this project evolves!


Our lives are more and more influenced by technology and many applications have the potential to be more energy-efficient. Yet, innovation is not always driven by energy-efficient design.  How can mechatronics contribute?

Energy savings are a drive for innovation but are these costs a major or minor point in developing new technologies? Several experts focused on this question during a technology seminar in cooperation with Leuven.Inc - Leuven Innovation Networking Circle - on Tuesday February 3rd, 2015.

Summary Mechatronics Seminar 20150203

Download here the different presentations:

A new arrival within VeroTech's car fleet. Our first Minis hit the streets!

We look for operational excellence, passion and flexibility in our engineers, but also in the cars they drive.  After all..."you are what you drive".

That's why we extended our car fleet with brand new 'VeroTech' Minis.
Have you seen them on the street yet?

Article Engineering Magazine ILYA

ILYA is magazine with a passion for engineering and technology, is the only magazine in Belgium dedicated to all the engineers and technical inspired.

The magazine is created by ie-net, the union of all engineers, technicians and people with a passion for engineering and technology.

This covers various themes, with more attention is the social impact of engineering and technology in everyday lives.

ILYA made a article with one of the two founders, who are both engineers.

Artikel ILYA : Onze sterkste is dat we de ingenieur centraal stellen -201404

VeroTech is Trends Gazelle Starter Vlaams Brabant 2014!

In the competitive world of engineering, a fierce war is being waged for competent employees. At VeroTech we are making the difference by investing heavily in our consultants. The weekly magazine Trends rewarded this approach by presenting us the ‘Starter of the Year’ award for Flemish Brabant.

The ‘Starter of the Year’ award is presented to companies that were founded less than three years ago. They need to be in good financial health, sustainable, innovative and have the potential to grow. VeroTech ticks all the right boxes.


VeroTech employs mechanical, electronic, software and mechatronic engineers, creating high technology products.

“Today VeroTech employs 33 engineers”, says Managing Director and founder Veronique Van de Kerckhove, “but we’re aiming to grow to about 50 in this year. In the long term, we want to evolve to 100 consultants.”

“We want to have a strong and competent team of engineers for all four of our areas of expertise. To assure this, we organise team events and trainings on project and time management on top of the standard fringe benefits. We implore our employees to take initiative in everything from their day-to-day job to team building activities.”

“We aim to be a partner”

The values of VeroTech are the foundation of how we operate: vision, excellence, responsibility and openness.

“We aim to be a partner for our customers. By carefully selecting the engineers with the right skills and personality. By finding the best solution and going beyond our limits to realise that solution. By being open with our clients and taking responsibility for what we do”, Van de Kerckhove explains.

Equally important are our employees. “We want to boost the image of the profession. There’s a shortage of engineers - and an even more apparent shortage of female engineers - which I don’t expect to diminish any time soon.”

Article Trends: VeroTech wint Trends Gazelle Starter Vlaams Brabant 2014

VeroTech New Years Event 2014

February 8th 2014
All the consultants and staff of VeroTech were invited with their partners at the Pastoriehof in Meise to celebrate the New Year. We started the evening with a drink and some appetizers and took the time to catch up with each other and get to know the new colleagues.

During her speech, Veronique, our Managing Director, looked back on 2013: “It was a dynamic year, in which we worked hard, but also grew a lot. During the year, we welcomed 14 new consultants! We are very proud of this evolution and we have the ambition to continue this growth path in 2014!”
We enjoyed a workshop, in which we had to draw caricatures of our neighbor. This led to hilarious situations and brought up the most creative skills of all of us. During a delicious meal, Maggy, our teacher for the night, made some beautiful caricatures of all of us!
It was a great evening, a nice start of 2014. We wish you, your family and your beloved ones all the best for this new year! Let’s work on it together!

The audience listening carefully to the experts.

Article Trends: Mentorship Christian Leysen 2012-10-04

SUMMARY TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR “Embedded Connectivity for the Internet of Things: the necessity of IPv6? - 19th November 2013

Just imagine… a world full of connected devices. Control your fridge with your smartphone, send an email to your dishwasher, control your electric lighting from your office, using your laptop, … . Every device, appliance, switch, … connected and addressable by means of the internet: “the internet of things”! Since a number of years, technological companies are talking about it, but are we there yet ? Is IPv6 (the IP protocol with an extended range of addresses) being rolled-out as we speak ? What are the technical and technological hurdles we need to overcome and even more, how and with whom can we tackle these problems…?

An answer to each of these questions and some extra insights in IPv6 and embedded connectivity is what VeroTech and DSP Valley offered during this technological seminar on Tuesday November 19th, 2013. This was the place to be when you want to know all about IPv6…

Download here the different presentations

The Internet of Things by Jan Paesmans, Senior Consultant @ VeroTech

IPv6 Basics by Wouter Cloetens - Architect SoftatHome

IPv6 Implementation Specifics by Philip Paeps - Co-Founder NixSys

Quality of Service by Luc Perneel - Founder Luperco

See a Micro-controller running IPv6 by Mario Vermeir, Field Application Engineer, EBV Elektronik

Article ZO Magazine UNIZO: Full article 2012-04-13

Where innovation in safety meets driving comfort.
Discover the car of tomorrow, led by speakers from Toyota, Melexis, Flanders Drive and renown Universities active in automotive research.
Organised by VeroTech in cooperation with LeuvenInc. Powered by Flanders' Drive.

21st March 2012: Technology Seminar: Mobility Management Today and Tomorrow
Challenges for ‘Smart Mobility’ and ‘Traffic Management’ organized by VeroTech and LeuvenInc.
Summary Technology Seminar Mobility Management March 21st.pdf

VeroTech consultant Liesbeth presenting on the seminar

A VeroTech team showing the frame of the Formula car Areion.

Sunday 18th March 2012: Two VeroTech team joined the Benefit Karting of the Formula Group T / CQS Group T Racing Team.

We moved into our new headquarter!

Exciting times for VeroTech!  Today, we moved into our new headquarters in Leuven. 

Please register our new address:

Fonteinstraat 1A bus 0701
3000 Leuven

Our general telephone number changed from 016/39 48 42 to 016/67 99 00.

Looking forward to meeting you soon in our new offices!

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