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Meet and greet the VeroTech team. We’re a community of engineers, supported by a strong team of hr, talent acquisition and business managers. Our unifying quality? A shared love for innovation and high-tech projects. Our team consists of both Belgian and international talent, working in an inclusive
working environment, because in our view, talent is the only thing that matters. 

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VeroTech, nice to meet you! We’re a Belgian engineering consultancy company, founded in 2010 and located in the inspiring city of Leuven. What’s even more inspiring, is our view: to grow, both as an independent Belgian company and as a partner that helps realize innovative R&D projects by providing engineering talent. Currently, we're employing +80 R&D consultants on a variety of exciting projects.

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Working at VeroTech? That means various career opportunities and a variety of tasks. From transportation to aerospace. From a technical to a managing position. Our engineering consultants get to be challenged in many different businesses and sectors. There’s even room for teaching, for those who want to inspire juniors. Whatever you might prefer, you can count on the support of our Business Managers and our many available trainings to truly shape your career. Ready to boost innovation and join our community?

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"One of the most exciting aspects of consulting is that you're constantly learning new things, developing new skills, and tackling new challenges. This can be a great way to discover your strengths, interests, and passions"

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